Season 1, Episode 2:

This was originally supposed to be the third episode of the first season.

Additional Cast

Jerry Mathers as himself

"Conrad doesn't make rings." -Florie

"If we weren't meant to eat meat, God wouldn't have invented A1." -Florie

"Well, I got nothin' to pitch, but I have a little something in my pocket that will make them not care." -George

"How was your day, big office job, can't find a Jerry, whatever, let's open gifts." -Nina
The credits: starring Mark Feuerstein, Lauren Graham, Ever Carradine, Jessica Stone, Paula Newsome, with Steve Landesberg, and Linda Lavin, executive producer Marco Pennette, co-executive producer Michael B. Kaplan, consulting producer Heide Perlman, producer DawnDe Keyser, co-producers matthew Berry & Eric Abrams, co-producers Judy Toll & Susan Sherman, produced by Stephen C. Grossman, written by Heide Perlman, directed by James Burrows.

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