Season 1, Episode 11

Conrad Bloom
210 W. 82nd St.
New York, NY 10024


"I can't believe this is where you live. This is like heaven only rent-controlled and without all those annoying goody-goody people." -Molly

"You are earning major karma points." -Molly
"You think that'll help me get Colleen back?" -Conrad
"No, but it might keep you from being reincarnated as a parasite in a sheep's stomach, because that's the worst thing you can be." -Molly
"But you have an endless supply of food." -Conrad
"But you never get out." -Molly

"Guess what? Turns out she loves that I'm helping out my family by letting you live here." -Conrad
"Yeah? She thinks it's sweet that you live with your mom?" -Florie
"Mmm-hmm." -Conrad
"She's got issues. Dump her." -Florie
"Way ahead of you." -Conrad

Written by Marco Pennette, Directed by Gail Mancuso