Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot


"I gotta learn some names." - Conrad

"Uh oh, does someone have a present in their pants?" -Shelley

"Hmmmm... no, it makes your ass look big." -Molly
"Seriously?" -Conrad
"No, but I just think it's time we start saying that to guys." -Molly

"Don't go all Lilith Fair on me." -Conrad

"Your father, God bless his soul, had the grace of a yak." -Florie

"Oh no, I can't dance, I'm son of yak." -Conrad

"If I wanted to dance with a woman I'd still be back in that cell." -Nina

"I mean c'mon, do you really want grand-kids or is that just something you say?" -Conrad
The credits: starring Mark Feuerstein, Lauren Graham, Ever Carradine, Jessica Stone, Paula Newsome, with Steve Landesberg, and Linda Lavin, executive producer Marco Pennette, produced by Pamela Putch, written by Marco Pennette, directed by James Burrows.

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